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A personalized poem is a special gift from the heart for a loved one. It means you trust that person with your deepest feelings and emotions, and that you care about them.

Sometimes you just don't know what to say, or how to say it. Still, you want them to know how you feel.

I can help. Scroll down to see just how.

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Imagine if you could show your loved one that your poem was really theirs and theirs alone!

I will write a poem for you that will be uniquely yours. You'll know it was handcrafted with love just for you and your loved one, because you'll be able to include a secret message in the poem, written right into the text.

When you request a poem, you'll be able to give me a short message, and tell me a little bit of your story. The letters of that message will be the first letter of every line of the poem!

You can see below some examples. 

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Image by Noah Silliman


before the morningrise of sun, and cloud
ere broke upon the daylight's grand debut,
aloft upon a wing, I there allowed
unbidden, silent more! a song for you.
thus whispered I before the dawn, and as
in moments past when I had done the same,
fain more I secrets held. and whereas
under the cloak of twilight, breathed your name -
lest more a voice betray my secret heart,
enwrap't those words I; quiet, they became.
lilting forth toward heaven's cloud-skeined art,
and endlessly, those whispers to exclaim
no less than admiration more for thee
and adoration too, though distant be.

Thanks for submitting!

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